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almost only counts

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moved to curvedwalls.


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♥♥♥, (ache:emelie), 3rd grade science project, 5 stars for failure, _holiday, a change of pace, a hero's end, a static lullaby, acoustic guitar, afi, alegion, alexisonfire, anberlin, angels, arlington, armor for sleep, arms bend back, art, as i lay dying, asecondtoolate, astetik, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bedlight for blue eyes, between home and serenity, bleeding through, bosio, brand new, bright colors, cappuccino, chasing victory, cheerleading, city of vanity, clothes, coheed and cambria, crystal noose, cuddling, dallas taylor, dead by dawn, dear whoever, designed by you, die trying, eighteen visions, emery, emo, emo kids, emocore, every new day, eyeliner, faerys, falling up, false image, fight paris, finch, forget mccarran, friends, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, fuel, glassjaw, going to the mall, guys in tight pants, hawthorne heights, holding hands, hopesfall, hot chocolate, indie, it dies today, jimmy eat world, just short of sunday, kisses, kissing, life in vain, local shows, lostprophets, meriwether, most precious blood, movies, music, my chemical romance, nora, only in movies, open hand, paint by numbers, paint the town dead, papa roach, pearls, pennylane, photos, poison the well, pretty things, red lipstick letter, roses, roses are red, runnerup, screamo, senses fail, shopping, silverstein, staind, strata, sugarcult, sum41, taking pictures, talking on the phone, talking online, terror, the belmonte academy, the calm, the killers, the matches, the silence, the wedding, things that smell good, this runs through, throwdown, tight pants, tight shirts, transition, trustkill, underoath, up falls down, vans, vaya ga, veda skyes, winter solstice